about the market

The Rangiora Welcome Market is a place where the whole community can enjoy good food, products and services. Our aim is to support you and small businesses in harmony together within an open environment. Everyone is welcome.

We are a group of volunteers with a collective non-profit structure committed to promoting the needs of the community and supporting business growth. Our Site Map and Health and Safety Plan is included here: https://www.rangiorawelcomemarket.nz/general-5


The Rangiora Welcome Market can operate under all current traffic light levels and is not an event. It is an open retail shopping centre. You can have confidence in coming along and enjoying the Market.

MOH Guidelines: No Vaccine Pass or Covid Tracing Apps are required and with the 1 metre distance rule requirement there is ample space for your shopping experience. Keep your distance when you feel the need to. If you are unwell or uncomfortable then we recommend you stay home, otherwise please enjoy the market.

The Ministry of Health guidelines masks are not mandatory outdoors, however please feel free to wear a mask for your personal needs https://www.health.govt.nz/covid-19-novel-coronavirus/covid-19-health-advice-public/covid-19-use-face-masks-community   

Stallholders are responsible for their own space so please do not access any vendors space. Stallholders abide by the MOH guidelines for COVID-19, and for general food, health and safety protocols. https://www.business.govt.nz/covid-19/covid-19-protection-framework/retail/.


  • FOOD. All Stall Holders are required to operate with the appropriate council/health licenses and these must be displayed in accordance with council bylaws.

  • INSURANCE. All Stall Holders are responsible for their own insurance where applicable.



  • WIFI to be provided by the stall holder

  • Powered Sites are not generally available however selected Stall Holders that do require power may apply for an additional $10 fee for a provision setup between the Rangiora Showgrounds and the Rangiora Welcome Market.

  • Setup available from 2pm on Market Day.

  • All Stall Holders must remove vehicles and be set up by 2:45pm. Late arrival after 2:45pm will be prohibited.

  • Payment for Stalls to be paid 3 days prior to Market Day. Strictly pre-payment for all Stalls. No credit is applied. No pre-payment no setup on the day. 

  • Non-payment - by attending the market you agree to pay all costs incurred to collect overdue debts.


Dogs are welcome at the market. Dogs must be kept on a leash and be well trained against any aggression or unruly behavior. Dog owners must clean up any waste and excrement when attending the market.


As a Stall Holder if you find you are unable to attend the Market you must notify the team via email or text no later than the Monday evening prior to the Thursday Market as a courtesy and for other site members. This allows for completing the site plan and maintaining continuity and quality. If you are unable to notify or provide late notice the Rangiora Welcome Market reserves the right to charge for the site in lieu of recovering costs for that Market date.


In the event of postponement due to adverse events such as weather, emergencies, or predetermined events by the Hope Community Trust, payment will be forwarded to the next available date. 

We will email every stall giving as much notice as we can. All market sellers will transferred to the following week.


Rangiora Welcome Market volunteers want a quality, fun and exciting space for businesses and customers alike. We expect a high standard of conduct and reserve the right to eject anyone who acts in a way contrary to the community spirit we aim to foster.

Health and Safety Plan

Rangiora Welcome Market 111 East Belt Rangiora

Public acess between 3pm and 7pm

This plan has been developed to promote safety  for stallholders and shoppers, it has been drafted after discussion with Worksafe staff in Christchurch. We welcome comments and advise of potential hazards as it is our intention to continue to improve our safety plan.

The market operates during winter on the sealed area behind the Hope Community Trust Shop and in the Summer months extends into the grassed area adjacent. Hours for public access are 3pm till 7pm

First Aid

the market tent has first aid kit and  helpers are available in emergency call 111 ask for Ambulance to 111 East Belt Rangiora

Power Cords 

our food trucks have power leads toward the hope shop. Care must be taken in this area

Traffic Car Parking

all parking is in regular spaces on the roadside

2 disables parks are marked in the car park front of hope shop

Vehicle movement should not occur within the market between 2.45 and 7pm

If this does occur then the vehicle must have a Marshall guiding said vehicle to protect public

NO Entry

No public acess to any food truck or Food Vendor

Gazebo safety

it is advised to protect against wind gazebos have weights attached to legs to avoid flying hazards

EMERGENCY assembly point

the cemetery adjacent please avoid standing close to trees

Be Safe Enjoy our community market

Kind Regards