Pizzas Woodfired and Slow Cooked Ribs

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WoodFiredNZ FBG is a family run mobile woodfired oven catering business based in North Canterbury, New Zealand - specialising In BBQ meats and gourmet woodfired pizza.

As a lifelong foodie, Harry is the driver, cook and chief fire stoker behind the business with a mission to bring good food and big smiles to any catering event.

Growing up on a farm, he learned a thing or two about the difference between fresh and processed food. He is passionate about using the freshest ingredients when preparing dishes in our unique woodfired oven and this is the cornerstone of what WoodFiredNZ is about.

His years doing overland guided tours through Africa cooking on woodfires under the stars for guests cemented his dream to one day own a catering company that specialised in the wood-fired experience.

This dream came to life in May 2022 when we discovered a mobile woodfired pizza oven business for sale.

Our aim is to get all fired up and to make your event a tasty experience.