Hope Community Trust

Green Man Hemp gear

Beezwax Candles

Candy Floss

JD Hot Sauces

Iremonger decorative garden

Soap Shack best soap ever

Streat Bowl Vegan food truck

Dekkers steak sandwich rolls yum

Lil Orbits donuts to die for

Chris the vege guy WHY pay supermarket prices 

Ashley organic apples juices fruit

Yoshi yummy dumplings and more

Pretzel guy burgers chips chicken

Adan whitebait sandwiches yah

Pams coffee and jams

Pick n Grow the garlic guys

Jerry George baked goods tasty

Spice guy jenny spice up you kitchen

wooden spoon cookies

cooper creek honey and now eggs

vivs liquorice and fudge

little beanie vegan cookies cakes

besn to infinity all you can do with cacao

lola love flowers cards and more

get caned knitted items gloves hats

kaz makes great felt goods and plants

herbalist helena can help advice & service

Lily Jay funky clothes

mr Hood wooden toys old but new

essence young mr hood candles rugs  plus

capture a dream Sheryl skate boaursds tea and and